Carrying forward a legacy of almost 30 years, We at JBJ Perfumes are working upon revolutionizing the perfumery industry in India.

Our foundation was laid by Mr. Kamal Arora in the early 90s. And through immense devotion, seeking perfection and consistency in quality, foresight, commitment, teamwork and marketing efforts, we were able to scale up the company’s operations which resulted in colossal business expansions across the country.

Establishing synergy between catering our customers and company’s growth, the venture is headed by highly experienced and dynamic directors. Self financing is quite rare and hence a very distinctive feature of ours among other players in the market.

Our company’s manufacturing plant is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, with the location favoring a cool climate which supports a swift manufacturing process altogether. The whole unit is set as per international standards, spreading across 2.5 acres of freehold land.

It houses a fully equipped laboratory, research and development department, quality control department to name a few, which enables it to have an aerosol filling capacity of 15 million pieces annually. Everything is fully automated and computerized with state of the art equipment to improve manufacturing.

Maximization of profits is certainly one of the objectives of the company, but not at the cost of social obligation. All the processing is done by automated machines. Even the industrial garbage is properly destroyed by the company that supports pollution control.

We strive to create prime quality products and make personal grooming along with home ambience maintenance, more accessible and affordable.